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Supporting patients during the waiting period for gynaecological cancer care

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At Rylon Clinic, we understand the challenges faced by patients during the waiting period for gynaecological cancer care. We believe in providing unwavering support and guidance throughout this critical phase.

Our commitment to patient care goes beyond medical expertise, creating a compassionate environment where patients feel understood, heard, and supported.

Our dedicated team of medical and nursing staff approach each patient with empathy and compassion, addressing their unique needs and fears. We provide resources, education, and a network of support to ensure patients have the information and the support they need. At Rylon Clinic, we are here to support you, empower you, and ensure you feel valued and cared for every step of the way.

Typical waiting period and its potential impact on patients

The waiting period for gynaecological cancer care can vary significantly, but data suggest that women who are suspected to have ovarian cancer wait an average of 69 days following referral from a general practitioner to begin treatment. Guidelines recommend that treatment should begin within 31 days of a decision to treat women with a confirmed diagnosis of gynaecological cancer, and within 62 days of the referral being made for those with a high suspicion of gynaecological cancer (Source) (Source)

Emotional and psychological challenges patients may face during this time

The waiting period can bring a unique set of emotional and psychological challenges to patients. These may include feelings of vulnerability, frustration, and fear, or more disabling problems such as anxiety, panic, social isolation, and depression. Waiting for appointments, test results, or treatments can be incredibly stressful and challenging, causing emotional symptoms like anxiety, depression, heightened fear of recurrence or progression, and anger. Physical symptoms may also accompany these emotions, including changes in sleep patterns and appetite, fatigue, and headaches (Source).

Importance of effective communication and empathy from healthcare providers

It's important to maintain balance during this waiting period by engaging in activities that you enjoy, surrounding yourself with supportive family and friends, writing down your thoughts, exercising, or seeking information to better understand the cancer experience. If the emotional or physical challenges become severe or start to interfere with daily life, it's crucial to seek help right away. Mental health professionals can help manage emotional symptoms and develop healthy coping strategies, and they can work alongside the cancer care team to monitor symptoms (Source).

Effective communication and empathy from healthcare providers are paramount during this time. Good patient-centred communication skills, which involve defining and attending to the specific information needs of the patient, fostering trusting relationships, and addressing both cognitive and emotional needs, can have numerous positive outcomes. These include enhanced patient satisfaction, increased quality of life, reduced patient anxiety and improved symptom control, adherence with treatment recommendations, improved disease-related understanding, and improved prognostic awareness.

Furthermore, effective communication can result in receipt of care consistent with the patient's stated preferences and decreased oncologist stress and burnout (Source).

Poor communication, on the other hand, can lead to patient dissatisfaction and negative outcomes. Particularly when patients value interpersonal aspects of care, such as the physician's friendliness and courteousness, ability to convey information, and attention for patient worries.

In the best-case scenario, good communication can result in knowledge creation for both parties, allowing clinicians to guide and support patients in making decisions aligned with their goals and values, and empowering patients to participate more actively in their health care (Source).

The One-Stop Gynaecology Clinic Advantage

Introduction to the concept of a one-stop clinic for gynaecological care:

At Rylon Clinic, we understand and believe in the importance of efficient and patient-centred care. That's why we offer a unique one-stop clinic that aims to streamline the diagnostic and treatment process. A one-stop clinic brings together various aspects of gynaecological care under one roof, providing convenience and comprehensive support to our patients.

How Rylon Clinic's approach minimises waiting times and offers immediate support:

Our one-stop clinic model at Rylon Clinic is designed to minimise waiting times and offer immediate support to patients. We have integrated advanced gynaecology scanning into our clinic, allowing us to perform essential diagnostic procedures during the same appointment as the gynaecology consultation. This means that patients can receive a comprehensive assessment in a single visit, eliminating the need for multiple appointments and reducing waiting times significantly.

By combining the expertise of our consultant, who is an international expert in advanced gynaecological scanning, with our state-of-the-art ultrasound systems, we can expedite the diagnostic process and provide immediate results. This not only helps to alleviate the anxiety and uncertainty experienced during the waiting period but also enables us to promptly initiate the appropriate treatment plan tailored to each patient's specific needs.

Benefits of advanced gynaecology scanning and its role in expediting diagnosis:

The advanced gynaecology scanning performed at Rylon Clinic plays a crucial role in expediting diagnosis and providing a comprehensive assessment of our patients' gynaecological health. Our highly skilled consultant has the expertise and skills to identify any abnormalities or potential concerns during the consultation itself.

Tailored Support and Guidance:

At Rylon Clinic, we are committed to providing individualised patient care and support during the waiting period for gynaecological cancer care. We understand that each patient's journey is unique, and we strive to tailor our approach to meet their specific needs.

Our team of healthcare professionals takes the time to listen, understand, and address the concerns and anxieties that patients may have during the waiting period. We believe in open and transparent communication, ensuring that patients are well-informed about their diagnosis, treatment plan, and the expected timeline. Regular communication is key to alleviating anxieties and keeping patients updated on any developments or changes in their care.

We recognise that the waiting period can be a challenging and uncertain time for patients, both emotionally and physically. To provide comprehensive support, we offer various resources and services designed to help patients navigate this period. These resources may include educational materials that provide information about gynaecological cancer, treatment options, and self-care practices.

In addition to the educational resources, we encourage patients to reach out to us with any questions or concerns they may have. Our healthcare team is readily available to provide guidance and reassurance, ensuring that patients feel supported and empowered during this challenging time. We believe in the importance of creating a safe and compassionate space where patients can express their worries and receive the guidance they need.

At Rylon Clinic, our commitment to tailored support and guidance extends beyond medical expertise. We are here to provide not only exceptional medical care but also support and guidance that patients require during the waiting period. We understand that every question, every concern, and every moment of uncertainty matters, and we are dedicated to being there for our patients every step of the way.

By providing individualised care, offering resources and services, and maintaining regular communication, we aim to ensure that our patients feel supported, informed, and empowered during the waiting period. At Rylon Clinic, we are committed to addressing the holistic needs of our patients and providing comprehensive support to enhance their overall well-being as they progress through their gynaecological cancer care journey.

This approach offers several benefits. Firstly, it eliminates the need for patients to undergo additional appointments for separate diagnostic appointments, saving time and minimising disruptions to their daily lives. Secondly, it enables our consultant to have a more accurate and detailed understanding of the patient's condition, leading to a more precise diagnosis and treatment plan. Lastly, the immediate results obtained from the scanning procedure empower our patients with timely information, allowing them to actively participate in their care and make informed decisions about their treatment options.

Emotional Well-being and Holistic Support:

At Rylon Clinic, we recognise that addressing patients' emotional well-being and mental health is crucial during the waiting period for gynaecological cancer care. We understand that the emotional toll of this period can be significant, and we are committed to providing holistic support to our patients.

We believe in taking a comprehensive approach to patient care, recognising that emotional well-being is intertwined with physical health. Our dedicated team acknowledges the emotional challenges that patients may face during the waiting period and is here to provide compassionate support every step of the way.

At Rylon Clinic, we firmly believe that addressing emotional well-being is an essential part of comprehensive cancer care. We strive to create a nurturing environment where patients feel supported, validated, and understood. Our commitment to holistic support goes beyond medical treatments, ensuring that patients have access to the emotional support and resources they need to navigate the waiting period with resilience and strength.

Collaborative Care and Multidisciplinary Approach:

At Rylon Clinic, we firmly believe in the power of collaborative care and take a multidisciplinary approach to provide comprehensive support to our patients during the waiting period for gynaecological cancer care. Our commitment to collaboration ensures that patients receive the highest quality of care from a team of experienced healthcare professionals through a dedicated multidisciplinary network of cancer specialists.

Our collaborative approach ensures the involvement of various healthcare professionals, including gynaecologists, radiologists, oncologists, nurses, and other specialists. Each member of our multidisciplinary team brings unique expertise and perspectives to the table, allowing us to develop tailored treatment plans and provide holistic care that addresses the individual needs of our patients.

The benefits of a multidisciplinary team in providing comprehensive care are significant. By leveraging the collective knowledge and skills of different healthcare professionals, we can develop a more comprehensive understanding of our patients' conditions, leading to more accurate diagnoses and personalised treatment plans. The collaborative nature of our team allows for a comprehensive evaluation of each patient's case, ensuring that all relevant factors are considered to provide the best possible care.

At Rylon Clinic, we prioritise smooth coordination and timely delivery of care. Our multidisciplinary team works closely together, sharing information and collaborating on treatment plans to ensure seamless transitions between different aspects of care. Regular team meetings and discussions enable us to stay updated on each patient's progress and make any necessary adjustments to their care plan. We also maintain open lines of communication with our patients, keeping them informed about their treatment journey and involving them in shared decision-making.

Empowering Patients for Active Participation:

At Rylon Clinic, we believe in empowering patients to actively participate in their care. We provide the resources and information to ensure patients are well-informed about their condition and treatment options. We encourage patients to ask questions, seek clarification, and engage in shared decision-making.

By fostering a collaborative partnership, we empower patients to make informed decisions and take ownership of their gynaecological cancer care. At Rylon Clinic, we are committed to supporting our patients during the waiting period and ensuring they have a voice in their treatment journey.


At Rylon Clinic, we prioritise comprehensive support and guidance for patients during the waiting period for gynaecological cancer care. Our one-stop clinic advantage, tailored support, collaborative care, and patient empowerment are at the core of our approach. We strive to address the emotional well-being of our patients, provide holistic care, and encourage active participation.

With our dedicated team and patient-centred approach, we are here to support you through the waiting period and beyond. At Rylon Clinic, you can count on compassionate care, personalised guidance, and a multidisciplinary team working together for your well-being.

Author: Mr Osama Naji

Mr Naji offers a “one-stop” gynaecology clinic for instant detection of various gynaecological cancers as well as providing all the diagnostic and treatment services needed under one roof.

Mr Naji provides advanced gynaecology scanning which is essential when conducting any gynaecology consultation, he is bilingual in English and Arabic and has an NHS base at the highly reputable Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital in London.

He is passionate about raising awareness of various subtle signs and symptoms of gynaecological conditions that are often overlooked by patients.

You can read more about Mr Naji on his about page here.



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